Div B Tournament

Dodgen – Walton Division B Science Olympiad Invitational

Date: November 16, 2019

Walton High School
1590 Bill Murdock Rd.
Marietta, GA 30062

Registration is now open. Please visit the official tournament website to stay informed and register your school.

After registration the invitational committee will send you an email by September 24th letting you know if your team is included in the invitational or on a waiting list.  Last year spaces filled quickly.

The cost of the tournament is $75 per team and payment is due by October 1st, with no refunds given after that date.  Please do not send payment until you receive a confirmation email.   Your confirmation e-mail will include payment details as well as a link to the invitational website with the schedule and other tournament information.

For tournament related questions
Kathy Jacobson – Invitational Co-Director & Coordinator, Dodgen Middle

For questions related to facilities and food
Wes Taylor – Invitational Co-Director, Walton High

About the tournament:
In an effort to maximize the number of schools that can participate, we are limiting most schools to one team per school.   Some exceptions will be made for national level teams coming from long distances.  You will enter a note on the on-line registration form if your school is interested in bringing an additional team, should space for a second team open up.  We expect to have 45 teams participating.

The Dodgen-Walton Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament will serve two purposes:

  1.  It will provide an official Science Olympiad Invitational tournament in which students can participate.  We hope that students will learn valuable skills preparing for and competing in this Invitational.
  2. This is a fundraiser for the Dodgen and Walton SO teams.  We will be selling pre-ordered lunches, drinks and cookies for lunch at a reasonable rate.  Doughnuts, coffee, and other concessions will be available throughout the day.  We ask that you do not bring in outside food except in the case of an individual dietary restriction.  Also, parking is going to be tight so coming and going for any reason is not advised.    After the registration process is complete, we will send emails to teams concerning food orders.

We are planning to run all 23 events.   To do this, we are asking the experienced schools to sign up for and run at least one event per team.  This will include making the test and providing for all necessary supplies, tools, people, paper tests & key copies for teams, etc. needed to run the event.  In some cases, we may be able to provide certain items that will be onerous to transport, microscopes and such come to mind.  If you need help with equipment, chemicals or supplies, please contact us well ahead of time so that we can make sure to provide these.

Final electronic copies of the tests are requested to be delivered to us, along with an answer key, by Oct 25th, 2019.   We will put all tests and answer keys on a website that will be accessible to all teams after the competition takes place.

In an effort to have more Science Olympiad winners, we are planning on having students compete in two flights:  One flight for teams who have experience and another flight for those teams who are just starting or those who have not frequented state competitions. You will enter some information on the on-line registration form that will help us determine how flights will work.

In light of the early tournament date, we will give medals and team trophies only for the written test events.  For the building events, we are encouraging the students to bring their prototype devices to run in a tournament setting to gain experience in preparation for their regional tournaments.  The courses will be set up per the rules and judges/experienced coaches will be available for the students to talk with regarding their devices and the events.