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Walton Science Olympiad meets on Tuesdays at 3:30PM in Mr. Taylor's classroom (Room 414). If you have never been on a Science Olympiad team, go to National Science Olympiad Website to learn more.

If it is later than September 1, you may still be able to join, but you must contact the coaches using the email below.

The Walton Science Olympiad team has been competing each year since 1994. Persistence and determination are what define us. We passionately study for our test events, and we enthusiastically design and collaborate for our build events. Teamwork is what unifies us.

Here at Walton Science Olympiad, science is not the only focus in our program. Ingenuity, teamwork, and creativity are also integral components of the Science Olympiad team. The friendships and connections you forge with others over similar scientific interests will be meaningful and lasting. The new information you learn could even be applicable to your daily life. Walton Science Olympiad is much more than just pure science. It is about the curiosity that sparks motivation and the motivation that spurs ingenuity. It is about the bonding experience with your peers and your teachers. It is about collaborating with like-minds on subject topics you are passionate about while simultaneously learning about science.

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Dodgen Walton Division B Science Olympiad Tournament

More Information Here
Our Scilympiad site
Tournaments were held at Walton 2018, 2019, 2020 (remote), and 2021 (remote).

2018 Walton/GSMST Division C Science Olympiad Tournament

Tournament Results Updated 11/26/18
This is the final update to the tournament results, including full rankings for Forensics and Protein Modeling.

STEM Summer Camps

Science Olympiad coaches run the science camp at Walton. Participants learn through engaging activities. Walton students gain experience as mentors and money raised helps the Science Olympiad team.

For more information, go to the Walton STEM site.



Wes Taylor & Doug Wolfe



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